Set List 1999

Based on "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners and the cover by Save Ferris

Come On Ali

Poor old Yazdani
He dug one big trench right in the ground
But Texas Tea ain't what he found
His students cried
Lab's flooded, who'd blame them

Leaking (no, not quite)
Gushing (more like that)
Now I must say more than ever

Dirty H-2, filthy H-2-O
Not good in a vacuum chamber

Come on Ali
Boneyard water's not clean
At this moment
It soaked everything
In the MRL
Oh, the basement's not well
Lake Yazdani
Ah, come on Ali

Why's this chiller 'round here?
Makes much more noise than monster trucks
Induced vibrations really suck
Won't stop him (No never)
No, not him (No never)
He is far too young and clever (Remember)

Low T-S-T, Low T-S-T-M
Gonna build one better than Eigler's

Ali's lab needs to dry out.

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