Set List 1998

Based on "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith

We Like Motion

We like motion
We like motion

Talk about things like momentum and force
Shoot a rocket in the air, figure out its course
Projectile motion makes my heart beat fast
If I include air friction, it's really blast

Tried to catch a photon but it moved too fast
I should have chased something with a little more mass
Got a quantum oscillator moving to and fro
Love my annihilation operator, don't you know

We like motion
We like motion

Classical, quantum, and special relativity
I know them all well, I don't have a specialty
I never get bored thinking in phase space
p vs. x is in your face

Anything in motion makes me salivate
Gets me more excited than a really hot date
I wrote three papers, can't say I haven't tried
I can't write my thesis, my advisor done died

We like motion
We like motion

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